End of the Beginning

We made It! Pablo and I made it! I can’t even describe the pride I felt as we came around the corner and in front of the office hotel . There was a a huge group of cheering and clapping people. It was my cancer family there to welcome us safely home. After 1825 miles on my bicycle, it was great to see those that I truly love. Then I saw my Daughter, Abby, and we hugged and cried together. It was a perfect moment. Suddenly, my sadness returns. I think of all those we haven’t lost and the 40,000 we will loose next year. I owe it to them to keep on fighting till we obliterate cancer off the face of the Earth. I will never give up, not until we kill cancer. Next year I will be bicycling to Washington D.C to meet up with representatives from Komen to ask congress for more money for research.

My Grandma used say “the best way to lead is from in front”. I have set a goal of raising $18,250 and I need.your help. please help us find the cure.


Though the Bob (Pink Stallion) may have made it to Minnesota, the journey is far from over. Stay tuned for our updates and story as we raise money to end cancer once and for all.


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