A Bear Problem

Despite the exquisite beauty displayed along their trek, Bob (the Pink Stallion) and Pablo have noticed a disturbing amount of wildlife aggression. From quasi-intelligent thorns dedicated to popping their tires, all the way to helpful bicyclists. In fact, while they were at a gas station, a bear came up and bit the Pink Stallion’s hand. Here is a picture of him clearly wincing in pain.

Pink Stallion Getting Bit by a Bear

Joking aside, its been quite an adventure back home. Sure we might not be biking past miles of breathtaking scenery, but we do get to watch as the previews for the website start to grow. Alright its not as glamorous, but its still rewarding. This week we have been working on getting a mailing list up and running, so that you supporters will get notified as soon as we get a new post up. In addition, a few tweaks were made to the site in order to make it flow better. Another project in the pipeline, is donation rewards. Stay tuned and help support the cause!


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