A Pain in the Tire

On the second day of our ride we stayed the night in an RV park in the Dallespot. When we arrived for the night Susan (Bob’s wife) told us that there where these little thorns that kept poking her feet.

They were everywhere in the motor home. In the morning when we were starting to leave and we noticed that the little thorns were not just in the motor home, they were in our bike tires as well, so we pulled them on and went on with our way thinking that they didnt poke trough the tire.

It turns out that that today, on our fifth day of riding, we got 3 flat tiers. When we went to check what had caused the flats we realized that the tip of the the thorns were in our bike tier. This one guy we met at the bike shop in Waitsburg Washington told us that they are called “goat heads thorns”.


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