The Big Send-off

Breast cancer awareness day kicked off our Bicycling for Boobies event in the Beaverton City Park. Our team set alarms for 4:30 a.m. stumbled out of bed, loaded the truck, and headed out to the Beaverton City Park to setup. After an hour of setting up the booth, hanging the banner, and helping our sponsors set up. It was then that the pink stallion (bob) told the team “maybe we could have gotten here later”. He was met with much groaning as it was only 6:30.

state farm booth

Despite the extra early start, the event started smoothly. The booths were located right across from the music stage. The local band, Blak Bird, set the vibe with Beatles and classic Rock music. The food vendors opened and added a pleasant aroma of sausage and caramel popcorn. Visitors browsed, bought t-shirts, and talked at the booths to staff from local organizations.

beaverton spirit award ceremony

At 10:45 Melany and Katherine arrived in a limo to receive the Beaverton Spirit Awards. The Pink Stallion gave a short talk and presented each of them with the Award. Melany was given the award for her generous contribution to the cause, and Katherine was given the same award for her outstanding customer support and help at office depot.

The time arrived for the Pink Stallion and Pablo (Red Leader) to depart for their 1825 mile journey. They lined up, waved goodbye and pedalled off into the sunset.

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