1 in 8 women

are diagnosed with breast cancer

Become part of the solution. Help us raise money for the cure


About Us

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Breast Cancer Day

July 20th marks Beavertons Breast Cancer Day. There will be a fundraiser held at Beaverton City park next to the farmers market from 8am to 2pm.


1825 Mile Bike Ride

Starting on July 20th Bob will be biking from Beaverton Oregon to St. Paul Minnesota to help raise funds.


Research a Cure

The Susan G. Komen foundation is committed to finding a cure for one of the most common cancers in America.

open package Research

We are dedicated to not simply minimizing or treating breast cancer, but the complete irradication of the disease.

toolbox Fundraising

Our money comes from persons and businesses in the local community like you.

wrench and screwdriver Team

We are a team of individuals based in Beaverton Oregon dedicated to eliminating breast cancer.